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Fajen Thumbhole Sporter

Fajen Thumbhole

Volquartsen Stock


We offer a packaged 10/22 rifle in the configuration listed below.  It is configured with the majority of options that our customers request. However, the options available for the 10/22 are almost endless.  We can meet your requirements and build it in a configuration of your specifications. See build your own 10/22.

After many customer requests, tests and trails, we settled on a Target 10/22 in this configuration.   It is a medium priced rifle that will produce groups only found in some of the higher priced 10/22 target rifles. 

Blueprinted barrel and Receiver

Unique option is the blue printed receiver and threaded barrel. We have found that the receiver barrel bore and face are not always in alignment with the bolt channel.  Machining the receiver face where the barrel mates, resolves this problem.  Also, threading the receiver and the barrel vs clamped, eliminates any of the downward barrel canting caused by the factory barrel clamp.  We have also started machining the mounting flat on the bottom of the receiver.  This ensures that the receiver fits square on the aluminum bedding block.  To finish up the receiver group, the bolt is fully trued, head spaced to match specs, firing pin is ground to the correct dimensions, and jeweled.


A Bell and Carlson stock was chosen and it comes in the Anschutz and Anschutz thumbhole style and is bedded.  Most of the wood laminate stocks can be used little or no extra cost.  The factory stock screw is replaced with a machined aluminum bushing/bedding block and stainless allen head bolt.


The trigger is tuned so that it has a crisp clean break.


The barrel is machined from a Green Mountain stainless heavy barrel blank.  Checking for optimum bore dimensions, the bore is slugged and the barrel is recrowned at the optimum sweet spot.

Sometimes when you buy all the parts and assemble a match grade 10/22, there are problems.  As with all Aquila products and services, the rifle is thoroughly tested before it leaves our shop.  When you purchase this rifle, you can count on it being an accurate rifle that is ready to shoot.


  •  Aquila blueprinted receiver and bolt

  •  Reground firing pin

  •  16 to 18 Green Mountain threaded stainless barrel

  •  Pillar bedded

  •  Aquila tuned trigger set at 2.5lbs.

  •  Extended Mag release


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