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Barrel Extension

Barrel Thread with Protector

Barrel Thread with Protector



Turnaround for barrel threading is around 2 weeks.

Aquila offers barrel threading services for virtually all situations from just plain threading to machining special adapters.  We single point cut any thread pitch you require and it will be absolutely square and concentric to the bore.  Some mounts do not have the proper relief cuts, therefore, we machine tenens on all the barrels we thread for proper fitting.

Our thread protectors are all custom machined for the application to match the current barrel contour such as slab sided barrel and special diameters for autos.  Adapters and thread protectors for autos are specially machined for tight lock up. Therefore, there is no need for cheap O ring set ups.

All of our adapters and thread protectors are made from 416 stainless. 

We recently were chosen by Gemtech to handle a portion of their barrel threading work and are happy to work with Gemtech’s customer to provide any machining services required. 

Several states have past laws allowing the taking of game animals with silencers.  Most hunting rifles have a muzzle diameter of .650 and smaller and most hunting calibers require a 5/8 24 thread.  A adapter is required to bring the muzzle to the proper diameter.


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Thread muzzle end of barrel for most firearms. $75
Add $35.00 if barrel is to be cut down and crowned.

$45 for a thread protector

Ruger Pistols - Thread, move sight back and a thread protector $155.00
Most adapters $55.00
*If Aquila has to disassemble the firearm, add an additional $45.00.


A Word On Classes of Threads

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Most mounts or flash suppressors have a 2B hole (See description below) and a 3A thread will be too tight for your can or mounts.  If you require “tight” threads, please send the mount so that we can assure it will screw on completely.

There are three established Classes of Thread, designated in the Unified series by adding “A” for screws and “B” for internal threads to show definite limits and tolerances.

Class lB, rarely used, thread is that in which a 1 A screw can be run in readily for quick and easy assembly. The hole is classified as 1 B. The fit is 1 B thread.

Class 2B thread consists of a 2A screw in a 2B hole. This 2B thread has wide application, accommodates plating, finishes, and coating to a limited extent and, therefore, has fair tolerance allowances.

Class 3B thread means a 3A Screw in a 3B threaded hole for applications where tolerance limits are close.



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Just in case you weren’t aware, a rifle barrel must be at least 16” long unless it is a registered short barreled rifle.  And, the 10/22 and AR-15 pistols can have barrels shorter than 16”. If you are in doubt, please inquire.  All NFA rules apply. Keep it legal.

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