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10/22 Target Rifle____$675.00
Marlin 917__________$295.00


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Updated 1-7-14


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Custom Rifles                                                                   $2300.00

  Aquila Supplied Rifle  Remington Stainless +$650.00
  Aquila Supplied Rifle  Remington +$550.00
  Muzzle Brake - Steel or Stainless +$175.00
  Removable Muzzle Brake w/Thread Protector +$225.00
  Light Firing Pin and Spring +$65.00
  Bushed Bolt +$150.00
  Fluted Bolt +$125.00
  Extended Bolt Handle or Badger +$125.00
  Custom Made Bolt w/Extended Bolt Handle +$195.00
  Bushed Firing Pinhole +$125.00
  Jewel Trigger +$150.00
  Custom Etching +$50.00
10/22 Target Rifle $675.00
  Aquila Supplied Rifle +260.00
Marlin 917 $295.00
  Aquila Supplied Rifle +300.00
Price for rifles does not include shipping
Tax will be added to all rifle orders.
Prices subject to change.


Gun Services

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Single Action Pistol Reaming $45.00    
Gun Coating      
      Hand Guns $150.00    
      Long Guns $175.00    
      Two Tone +35.00    
Custom Etching $50.00    
10/22 Rifle Services      
      Aquila Match Tuned Trigger $75.00    
      Reworked Bolt - New Bolt $95.00    
      Reworked Bolt - Customer Supplied $65.00    
      Blueprint Receiver & Thread Barrel $130.00    
Marlin 911 Services      
     Blue Print Receiver, Bolt and Thread Barrel $200.00    
     Trigger $75.00    
     Polish the Factory Finish $40.00    
     Replace Barrel Screw $50.00    
     Bed Action $45.00    
     Bolt shroud $65.00    
Rifle Services      
     Remington Action Truing (Blue Printing) $245.00    
     Bushing the Bolt $125.00    
     Rebarreling Bolt Action Rifle $225.00   Plus the cost of the barrel
     Muzzle Brake - Steel or Stainless $175.00    
     Blued Rifles +$50.00    
     Removable Muzzle Brake w/Thread Protector $225.00    
     Bushed Bolt $125.00    
     Fluted Bolt $150.00    
     Extended Bolt Handle $100.00    
     Custom Made Bolt w/Extended Bolt Handle $175.00    
     Bushed Firing Pinhole $125.00    
     Custom Etching $50.00    
     Rebarrel Mini 14 $430.00   Includes the cost of the barrel
     Mini 14 Accurizing $220.00    
     Rebarrel A/R 15 $45.00    
     Thread Muzzle End of Barrel $75.00    
    Thread Protector $45.00    
     Cut and Recrown Barrel $35.00    
     Install Extended Bolt Handle $100.00    
     Install Three Position Bolt Safety $210.00   Includes parts
     Install Sling Swivels $20.00   Plus the cost of sling and swivels
     Scope Mounting and Bore Sighting $35.00    
     Stock Bedding and Free Floating Call for price    
     Pillar Bedding $125.00    
     Trigger Job $45.00    
     Clean and Inspect Rifle $45.00      
     Other Services Call for pricing    
Muzzle Brakes      
      Steel or Stainless $175.00
      Removable w/Thread Protector $225.00
      Blued Rifles +$50.00    
Barrel Threading $106.00    
     Cut down barrel +35.00    
     Metric +$35.00    
     Left Hand +$20.00    
     Clocking +30.00    
     Most adapters (Ex: Advantage Arms) $55.00    
     Disassemble the firearm +45.00    
     Adapters or thread protectors made from
          17-4 or Titanium
1911 Pistols      
     Carry Package $195.00    
     Standard Carry Package $395.00    
     Custom Carry Package $660.00    
     Tactical Carry Package $895.00    
     Advanced Carry Package $1,449.00    
     Frame Work
  Ramp barrel cut $75.00
  High cut frame and checker front strap $150.00
  Checker Trigger guard $50.00
  Fit beaver tail $50.00
  Fit aftermarket safety $25.00
  Throat & Polish feed ramp $25.00
     Slide Work
  Bomar site cut w/hidden leaf $75.00
  Other dove tail site cuts $55.00
  Machine cocking serrations $65.00
  Flatten top of slide and add grooves $75.00
  Fit sights in existing dove tails $30.00
  Machine and widen ejector port $35.00
  Replace all springs $45.00
  Clean and inspect weapon $35.00
  Tune extractor $15.00
     Barrel Work
  Cut and crown barrel $35.00
  Thread muzzle end of barrel $35.00
  Weld and fit lock up points $65.00
  Port barrel and slide $135.00
  Entire pistol and internal parts $135.00
  Frame $65.00
  Slide $65.00
  Frost Stainless entire pistol $60.00
  Frost Slide $35.00
  Frost Frame $35.00
  Two Tone +$45.00
Price for gun services does not include shipping
Prices subject to change.

Contact Aquiila for pricing on any additional services not listed.


For an overview of the work performed on each rifle produced by Aquila,
see our Accurizing Process page.

For information regarding the Ordering Process, click here.

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