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Precision Rimfire Rifles

Bolt Action and Simi Auto

Bolt Action Rifles

These are built for long rang shooting and PRS matches ranging from 50 to 400 yrds, not benchrest.  Typically, benchrest rifles are set up to shoot 50 yrd shots and require a completely different chamber set up. I am a machinist that learned gunsmithing, not the the way around.  Rimfire is extremely finicky and requires very precise machining in order to shoot and look great.

22 prs 1.jpg

This is a Bergara receiver with Brux barrel and a custom chamber.   This is the first five shot group at 100yrds with Lapua ammo.

Machine Work:

Barrel was chambered with a custom reamer

Trued receiver and bolt

Custom machined bolt spacer

Bolt face machined for correct head space.

Receiver threads were converted from 27mm to 1 1/16x16

Muzzle threaded for Cortina Tuner

Masterpiece stock

Trigger Tech trigger

Targets 22 Midas.jpg
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