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Browning Bolt Guns and Buckmark 

Browning Bolt Guns ......................  $100.00

Price is for barrels w/o front sights.  Only parts needed for the job is a stripped barrel and action, No scope, scope base, stock, bolt and trigger.  If you don't feel comfortable disassembling the rifle, feel free to send the entire gun.  Please note that we charge $35.00 to dissemble and reassemble.  If the bases and rings have flat or allen heads screws, there is a good chance they have to be drilled out, extracted and replaced with a factory Leopold screw.  We charge $10.00 per screw.  If the barrel muzzle diameter is too small for the needed thread, an adapter is required, $55.00.  See Chart for barrel size.

Browning A Bolt brrel threading

Browning Buck Mark..  $165.00

work order

 You can send the whole pistol or just the complete upper, there is no charge for disassembly.  The price includes Threading the barrel, matching thread protector and moving the sight back.

Browning Buck Mark

Browning BLR Lever Action  $275.00

DO NOT DISSEMBLE THIS RIFLE!  Bring or send it to us complete.  The $275 includes adapter to bring the barrel diameter up to the proper size for threading. Add $55.00 for matching thread protector.  Aquila has threaded many of the rifles without any issues. 

Browning BLR Threading
Browning blr threading
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