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Muzzle Brakes

Aquila is one of the largest installers of muzzle brakes in the country.  We have developed a brake that will fill virtually every situation, from heavy to light barrels contours, chambered from light calibers to Ultra Magnums.  We developed and engineered our own brakes that we consider to be one of the best available.  These brakes remove the recoil factor, allowing the shooter to concentrate on the shot. 

A secret about muzzle brakes, most brakes on the market work fine. After extensive testing, we have found that, for most brake diameters,  the radial holed brake performs considerably better than the baffle design.  We feel that our 4th generation brakes works great due to a unique interior design that is engineered to take full advantage of expanding gasses to reduce the recoil and not effect accuracy. The holes are angled forward so that the noise and blast is directed away from the shooter. Brake design is only half of the picture.

There are many factors to consider when installing a brake in order to maintain the integrity of the barrel, or the rifles accuracy. Simply threading the barrel and screwing on a brake can result in a rifle that will no longer hold a group or worse, bullet strikes inside the brake.

As machinist, we take careful consideration the hardness of the barrel, size of the barrel and thread pitch so that the bore at the muzzle is not distorted during the process.  After the brake is installed, the bore is carefully gauged to ensure that there is no distortion. All of our muzzle brake work is done on a lathe so that all of the components are true and concentric with the bore and the barrel is recrowned.

After we install our brake, there is no visible seam between the barrel and the brake.  The brake appears to be part of the barrel and is made from quality steel, to exact tolerances.  Most customers have mentioned that their rifles were more accurate after Aquila installed a brake.

See Larke has to say about them.


I shot my 300 RUM this weekend after you built and installed the Muzzle Brake. What a difference! It was a pleasure to shoot and truthfully has less felt recoil now than a 30-06. I cannot believe the difference!

Thanks again for your quality work and quick turnaround.

Take Care,

Larke Plyler Sr.

Chief of Police

Stallings, NC

Received rifle, got back together couple hours later. Hard to believe this is a 300 RUM anymore. Recoil is no way near what it use to be. Thanks for the great job. 

Please Note:

In order to offer a seamless job between the brake and barrel, we have to refinish blued rifles. The rifle Is refinished with CeraKote. If one would like the remaining steel parts refinished to match, add $50.00.  If the rifle is stainless, we can either refrost or polish the barreled action to its original look.

Brakes can be custom machined to fit specific needs.

All price are for a turn key job. Brake installed, crowned and barrel and action refinished.

Install Standard Radial Holed Muzzle Brake   $245.00

Efficient muzzle brake
best muzzle bake
Seamless muzzle brake installation
11 degree slanted ports

Install Remington VTR  (Triangle) and Browning A Bolt Octagon     $295.00

Muzzle Brake Triangle Barrel
Muzzle Brake Remngton VTR barrel
octagon muzzle brake

 Lever Action Rifles   $285.00

Muzzle brake lever action
45/70 muzzle brake
number 1 brake

Brake for a Pencil Barrel (Long Transition)   $285.00

muzzle brake pencil barrel

Aquila Removable Brakes

No need to index these brakes, screw it on the barrel and hand tighten the lock ring.

removable muzzle brake

Removable polygon brake $225.00

Removable Brake

Radial Hole Brake $155.00

Remington VTR  (Triangle)

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