Centerfire Gunsmith Services

We offer a large array of services for centerfire rifles and are to numerous to list.  We listed the most popular services that we offer but if you don't see a service you need, just call or e-mail us.  We offer just about any custom machining job available.  

Truing the Receiver and Bolt  ----------------------------------------- $245.00

The receiver, bolt seat and threads are machined so that they are perfectly aligned with the bolt channel. The bolt lugs and face are machined to be in alignment with the bolt body. This process not only trues the receiver and bolt, but reduces the stress on the bolt and the lug face caused by the miss alignment inherent from the factory.

Bushing the Bolt (Adding bushing to the bolt body) --------------------  $125.00

Adding bushings to the bolt body tightens the fit inside the receiver.  In factory receivers, the bolt fits loosely in the receiver.  The pressure of the trigger cocking and the poor tolerances cause the bolt to be in a slightly different position each time a shell is loaded into the chamber, causing poor accuracy.  Once the bushings are added to the bolt, the bolt and the shell loads into the chamber exactly the same way ever time. The bushings are almost invisible and machined so the bolt operates smoothly.

Installing a Sako or M16 extractor (Also, mag to non mag conversion)-- $135.00

This is a recommended service when a factor riveted extractor fails or the bolt is being converted from a non magnum to a magnum bolt face or visa versa.  We machine out the bolt shroud and install a stainless ring which allows for smooth loading.

Bushing the firing pin hole -----------------------------------------------$100.00

Bushing the firing pin hole solves cratering problems and produces a much more consistent ignition.  This service includes bushing the firing pin hole and cutting the firing pin to .062

Barrel installation------------------------------ ------------------$265.00

Barrel installation with extractor cut----------------------------$280.00

Aquila starts with a match grade barrel blank and custom machines it to fit the receiver.  To produce the best groups, we utilize a pains taking setup procedure  to insure perfectly concentricity with the dynamics of the bore.  We chamber barrels using a power flush which produces chambers with tighter tolerances. 

Barrel Fluting (6 uninterrupted flutes)-------------------------------------$175.00

We offer just about any configuration and style of barrel fluting. 

- There're are several styles of flutes such as the

   *The common convex groove

   *The V groove

   *The square groove.

   *Spiral and straight

   *Interrupted or constant

   *Frosted or coated grooves

   * Number of flutes

As with most machine work on a rifle, they're  many other issues that need to be taken into consideration.  We carefully taper the flute depth so that accuracy isn't affected, remove and reengrave the caliber on factory barrels, flutes align with the receiver and the recrown the barrel.  Aquila takes every step to insure that your rifle looks great and function perfect when you get it back.

Add Bolt Knob (Including Knob) ----------------------------------------------------  $125.00

Aquila machines threads the bolt handle for the new knob vs grinding off the existing one and gluing the new one in place.

Pillar Bed and Free Float Barrel   -----------------------------------------------  $125.00

Its always best to pillar bed wood and composite stocks without aluminum bedding blocks are pillar bedded to ensure that the receivers is not distorted when tightened in the stock. A minor distortion caused by a bad bedding job can open up group sizes drastically.   With years of experience, we ensure that the receiver is absolutely not torqued when the stock screws are tightened. 

Drill and tap for scope base  ---------------------------------------------   $75.00

This service is for rifles and pistols that don't have mounting holes for a scope base.  We carefully align the drill and tap the sight base ole in line with he bore.

Enlarge Sight Base Screws ---------------------------------------------   $75.00

Enlarging the sight base hole from 6-48 to 8-40 add a lot of strength to rifles in extreme service or large calibers like the 338 Lapua.

Install Triggers ---------------------------------------------   $45.00 (plus the cost of the trigger)

Triggers are an essential part of accuracy and safety.  Most factory triggers are heavy and not trustworthy to lighten.  We always replace factory triggers with quality triggers like Jewel or Timney.   We fully test for safety and functionality. 

M60 Barrel Work

Cut behind front sight and thread barrel 5/8 x 24 ----------------------- $175.00

Convert an E1 to an E3

Move sight between the gas stays, thread and flute ................................... $750.00

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