Aquila has been using CeraKote, Duracoat and KG Coatings for several years now and have found all of them to be a very impressive coatings.  All of them have proven to have superior wear and rust resistant properties and are available in a wide selection of colors and specific duty.  We use CeraKote as the standard coating on all of our custom rifles unless other wise specified.

Aquila properly blasts the metal surface with aluminum oxide and degreases all parts so that the customer will not have problems with the coating down the road.  We use a custom built convection oven for the CeraKote curing process that ensures even heat, which ensures an evenly cured coating. A large part of a refinishing job that is overlooked is the disassembly and reassembly of the firearm.  Aquila is a custom rifle builder and gunsmith with years of experience in working with firearms.  We know the parts that need to be polished and which ones need to be checked for fitting issues before reassembling.  The firearm will function properly when it leaves our shop.

We can do anything from solid colors to the wildest patterns.  Take a look at our images below and please feel free to call if you have any questions.


Basic One Color, all steel parts ... $195.00

Basic two Color .........................   $225.00

Coat Composite Stock .............    $100.00

Custom patterns ..................    (Call)