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For Sale (SOLD)

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Custom 300 Win Mag

One of the worst parts of buying a new rifle is determining what ammo the rifle likes and hoping its accurate.  Aquila has removed that task and worry from the buyer.  We provide the target that the rifle/ammo produced.  Our customers know upfront the accuracy of the rifle and what ammo to use.  This rifle shot a .188” 3 shot group at 100 yards (Ammo used in this grouping is included).


Rifle Specs:

Remington Stainless receiver Long Action

 Trued Receiver and bolt trued

 Bushings added to the bolt

 Barrel – stainless 26”, 1-10, heavy Target, Threaded and w/ removable brake

 Stock - H-S Precision® Pro-Series M24 Vertical Grip Tactical

 Trigger – Timney 510 set at 3lbs (adjustable)

 85 rounds of custom loaded ammo.


Price $2800.00

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