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S/A Cylinder Reaming

SA Reaming, 45lc, .452
Colt 45 lc
S/A Pistol

Why Ream?

Ruger and many other manufacturers of single action revolvers have throat diameters that are too constrictive, causing excessive pressure, erratic groups and heavy leading in the barrel when cast bullets are used. Bullets passing through these overly constrictive throats are swaged to a smaller, incorrect diameter for the barrel. The bullet will not consistently enter the rifling in the same manner with each shot, causing erratic groups.

What Reaming Accomplishes

Reaming the throats to the proper diameter allows the bullet to enter the rifling exactly the same with each shot, promoting better groups. Cast bullets can be used without the excessive leading.

How We Ream Cylinders

It’s easy to purchase a hand reamer and twist it through each chamber. The problem with this method is that each chamber will be a little different and the throat will have unequal diameters at the beginning and the end due to the reamer wobbling in the chamber. The shape of the chamber and the short throat makes it impossible to get a precise ream by hand, even with a piloted reamer.

We ream the throats with very ridged set up on a precision mill while flooding the hole with coolant. Each throat is cut exactly the same to the precise dimension.

When we modify your cylinder, rest assured that each throat is bored to the exact tolerances with virtually no variation between each of the 6 throats.


We offer reaming services for the following the 45 caliber right now.




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