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Remington Bolt Guns and 597

Remington Bolt Guns ....  $100.00

Price is for barrels w/o front sights.  Only parts needed for the job is a stripped barrel and action, No scope, scope base, stock, bolt and trigger.  If you don't feel comfortable disassembling the rifle, feel free to send the entire gun.  Please note that we charge $35.00 to dissemble and reassemble.  If the barrel muzzle diameter is too small for the needed thread, an adapter is required, $55.00 (Center Fire Only).  See Chart for barrel size.

Remingtn 700 barel threading
remington 700 thread adapter

Standard adapter $55.00


We also offer a transitional adapter for $75.00

Remington 597 .........  $120.00

All we need is the barrel for a threading job.  If you want Aquila to disassemble and reassemble the rifle, send the whole rifle.  Add $45.00 if the front sight is to e moved back.

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