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Custom Rifle
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Aquila Firearms

Chris, your workmanship is superb, thanks for your suggestion and attention to detail..." 


We’re the next generation of custom performance rifle builders that combines multi faceted backgrounds that allows us to construct some of the best rifles available.

There is no greater feeling than having a custom built rifle meant to fulfill your specific need and knowing that it is machined to exact tolerances and will consistently produce accurate shots.

Aquila has been performing machining and refinishing services since 1982 and is committed to producing the very best rifles and weapons systems available.

Aquila has a distinct advantage in this business; we're machinist that studied, learned and improved on gunsmith techniques, not gunsmiths that learned machining. You can be assured that all of our products are machined to exact tolerances and tested before it leaves our doors.

Our receivers and bolts are blue printed to exact tolerances to ensure exact concentricity and exact alignment with the bore.

Blueprinted receivers are a must for a rifle to consistently perform well but the barrel is the final word on the accuracy of any rifle. Aquila has developed several custom procedures that allow us to produce some of the most accurate rifles.

We can custom build virtually any rifle to fit the customers' needs, from the ultra light to the full blown benchrest rifle, and right or left handed. The options available for these rifles are unlimited so the sky is the limit.

We perform a number of other services and “hard to do” jobs that require specialty machining.  We offer a wide array of services on all types of bolt action rifles, centerfire and rimfire.  One of the specialties is Barrel threading services.  We’ve been threading barrels since 1997 and have encountered just about every quirk a barrel can have.  Send it to us the first time and rest assured its aligned perfectly. 


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Custom rifle
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Aquila Firearms custom rifles barrel threading cerakote
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Aquila Firearms

1611 Willow View

La Porte, TX  77571




9-5 M thru Thurs CST

We are an appointment only shop. Please call before you come over, thanks!

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